Originally Antisocial Skateboarding Club, Loner Skateboarding is a skater owned street-wear brand based in Providence RI and Boston MA. Loner works with the goal of providing quality clothing without a big name price tag, making expression and cool clothing more accessible For everyone. 

Started in 2014, Founder Marcel Mensah began screen printing shirts at local print shops in the hopes of producing tee shirts that friends and family could enjoy. Having Just come into the skateboarding environment at the age of 15, Marcel Began to see a disconnect between the skateboarding/Street culture and the fashion that was supposed to represent it. How could a group of skateboarders who constantly had to pool together change to buy sodas after a day of skating be expected to afford a $40-$60 Tee shirt?? 

From that Idea and through Years of encouragement, Loner Skateboarding has become a World-wide Clothing Brand that grows closer to reaching its goal of affordable street wear for everyone, everyday. To this day, ANTI hopes to connect everyone of all ages by creating a fashion brand that reflects everything from the skate-spots to the coffee shops In Boston and Providence.


We owe all of our success to the people, friends, family and customers that have stood behind us to make us what we are today.

Thank you to everyone who has bought from us and supported us throughout the past few years!