Simple Mistakes you can avoid to improve your design work.

marcel mensah

Here are 5 common Design mistakes that, when solved, can make your work seem much more professional. 

Too many/ confusing typefaces

Using too many fonts can clutter up your design. Whether it’s a website or a poster, if you’re mixing up a variety of typefaces and fonts it makes your work feel incoherent and hard to follow. If you’re a brand, try to establish a few typefaces that really resonate with your branding strategy and stick with them. If you’re designing a single piece like a poster or a sign use your best judgement. Generally, you can use 2-3 without cluttering up your work.


Lack of a grid system

The grid system in design is a 2d structure used to align and balance objects. These things give the design a sense of coherency and structure. When you’re not adhering to a grid designs can feel all over the place or sloppy.  There isn’t any set-in stone method of using this system, it all depends on the goal of the work and how the individual decides to use it.

Using heading fonts in your body

Heading fonts are heading fonts for a reason. Hand drawn or other decorative fonts that look great in headers and titles very often have a legibility issue in text/body fonts. Usability and ease of use should always come first when you’re designing something. Don’t sacrifice legibility because something “looks cool”, In short, if something isn’t easily readable, don’t use it.


No hierarchy or structure.

Hierarchy is the structural layout of your design. It dictates what people see first on a page, where their eyes travel and, how distinguish more important information from the least important information. Without planning these things out, it’s likely that your user (the person interacting with the design) will mixed signals and not know how to interact with it. You should always know how a user/viewer will respond to your design and one of the ways you do this is with a structural plan. 


Poor use of color

Colors have very particular meanings that many people aren’t even aware of. Knowing the subconscious effects of colors on people is crucial to well thought out design. Because of this you should take time to really decide on what colors are good for the project you’re working on. For example, while bright colors are very eye catching, they can also be overwhelming and distracting. When choosing colors, take into consideration how you want your viewer to feel, then go from there.

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